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Parent Hours

Parent Hours

Research shows that when parents actively participate in their child's school, their child performs better. Roosevelt's parents are actively involved in the education of their children.

We encourage parents to volunteer a minimum of 40 hours per year, about 4 hours per month. There are many ways to participate and listed below are some ideas of how parents can be involved

Our wonderful parents attend PTA, ELAC, and Site Council meetings. They actively support fundraising events such as Jog-athon and family fun events. Every week we have a group of parents that copy materials for the Thursday folders.

Suggestions for parents hours:

In the classroom, you can:

  • Volunteer for special projects during the year
  • Prepare materials
  • Read with a student, or listen to a student read
  • File student work
  • Help prepare the Thursday folders (Wednesday)
  • Coordinate parent volunteer activities in the room
  • Share your expertise with the teacher/class/school
  • Assist the Art4All teacher on art days

At school, you can

  • Attend the Site Council, ELAC, PTA meetings, as well as other meetings
  • Supervise the students during morning recess or lunch recess
  • Supervise the students in the cafeteria or the speed line (Every day from 11:40 am-12:50 pm)
  • Make photocopies
  • Help in the library
  • Help in the school garden
  • Attend workshops and events at the school
  • Help in the office
  • Help with MAZE Days

At home, you can

  • Read daily with your children
  • Prepare materials for the teacher (journals, art projects, costumes)
  • Help your child to write a story or a family history
  • Make calls to remind other parents about a meeting or an event

Outside of school, you can

  • Coordinate or assist with fundraising projects
  • Take your child to the Schaberg Library, Redwood City Main Library or the Fair Oaks Library
  • Attend conferences or workshops related to your child's education